Alfredo CAMELO, Swiss psychologist from PlurielsPsychotherapy and cross-cultural studies Centre for Migrants, specialised in victim’ assistance and emergency psychology.

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Radu TEODORESCU is a Romanian psychiatrist, Coordinator of the Department for Community Psychiatry and Psycho-social Rehabilitation at Obregia Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry, Bucharest, Romania.

Dr Teodorescu started his psychiatrist career in 1986 at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest and worked in France between 1992-1994 as a psychiatrist and clinical researcher. In 1994 he has begun training and specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dr Teodorescu is certified trainer in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has created the Romanian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, through which he has coordinated training of more than 300 CBT psychotherapists. Dr Teodorescu is correspondent for the Dutch journal ‘Mental Health’, the French journal ‘Art-Psy’, the Romanian Journal of Psychiatry, and he is member of the Romanian Psychiatric Association, the Romanian Association for Rehabilitation, Association Française de Psychothérapie Comportementale et Cognitive, the Romanian Psychotherapeutic Association, International member of the American Psychiatric Association, the European Association of Psychiatry, the European Association of Behavioral Cognitive Therapies and president of the Romanian Association of Behavioral-Cognitive Therapies.

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