Final List of Participants in The Training Program on Trauma

29 September 2016

ICAR Foundation announces the list of participants in the pilot training program on trauma, which is organised within the project ‘Harmonisation in professional development standards in psycho-trauma intervention through Swiss-Romanian cooperation’, co-financed by a grant offered by Switzerland to Romania through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

The free courses are addressed to mental health professionals, psyho-social workers working working with migrants and refugees arrived in Romania, and to all interested in the recovery of traumatised individuals.

List of specialists selected for participation in the course ‘Elements of Psycho-traumatology in the case of severe trauma (torture and other inhuman and degrading treatments)’ delivered by Radu Teodorescu (5-6 October 2016):

  1. Oana Teodorescu
  2. Silvia Deaconu
  3. Anda Dragan
  4. Andreea Teodora Tudor
  5. Irina M. Vastag
  6. Elena Mititelu
  7. Livia Caciuloiu
  8. Marceleta Sandu
  9. Anca Munteanu
  10. Adela Setet
  11. Victoria Soare
  12. Bogdan Rusu
  13. Catalin Saulea
  14. Vasile Popescu
  15. Mirela Ghisa

List of specialists selected for participation in the course ‘Introduction to Emergency Psychology’ delivered by psychologist Alfredo Camelo (7-8 October 2016):

  1. Andreea Oana Petriciac
  2. Oana Elena Gorgos
  3. Bianca Puscas
  4. Brandușa Luciana Grosu
  5. Georgeta Fintanaru
  6. Raluca Tomsa
  7. Cătălin Saulea
  8. Mirela Ghisa
  9. Vasile Popescu
  10. Anda Dragan
  11. Oana Teodorescu
  12. Silvia Deaconu
  13. Victoria Soare
  14. Andreea Teodora Tudor
  15. Livia Caciuloiu
  16. Marceleta Sandu
  17. Bogdan Rusu

We would like to remind you that this training program on trauma is the result of cooperation between Swiss and Romanian specialists in psycho-trauma, and aims to address the disparities in the mental health expertise of Romanian specialists working with vulnerable and traumatised groups, and their limited access to specific, practical and targeted professional training programs.

The training established by ICAR specialists in partnership with Swiss experts is the first trauma recovery training program for mental health professionals in Romania focused on migrants’ special needs, and obtained accreditation from the Romanian College of Psychologists.

Congratulation for having been selected for participation in our pilot training program. Thank you all for your interest! ICAR Foundation intends to continue this training program on trauma, so stay tuned for future updates.


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